Claire Heydacker ’18

Newtown, Pennsylvania Day Student
“Being part of a team at George School is a bit like being part of a family. Caring, dependable, supportive, and warm-hearted are words that come to mind.”

Moving from France to Newtown, did you find it hard to adjust?

I must admit, I approached my math class with caution. Having had only a year of math in English, I found it difficult to understand exactly what calculation I was being asked to perform. The word problems were particularly confusing for me. My teacher, Steven Fletcher, as well as my advisor, Pam Machemer, were really patient and helped me better understand each question.

At George School I found it very easy to make friends. The culture is that of acceptance. I have made new friends from right here in Newtown all the way to China. I like the way everyone accepts and shares their cultures, and I enjoy learning about them and hearing other languages. It reminds me how diverse and connected the world truly is.

More about Claire:

In her first year, Claire played junior varsity tennis, rode in the equestrian program for PE, served as a French tutor, and acted in the winter play, The Threepenny Opera. With all that George School has to offer, she finds it difficult to choose.