Class of 2022 Commencement Highlights

"I will miss George School. And I want to thank everyone—each one of you—for making me miss George School." - Denys Sharpylo ’22

On Saturday, May 28, 2022, at 10:30 a.m. George School celebrated the members of the Class of 2022 during the school’s one hundred and twenty-eighth Commencement Ceremony. Watch a video of Commencement highlights here.

Head of School Sam Houser welcomed the seniors and their friends and families. “Look for the people who lift you up, make you better, respect you, and for whom you can do the same,” said Sam. “Class of 2022, we’ve had a good relationship. I want to thank you for that. You have made me better as a head of school and as a person.”

Basem Baadarani-Feeny ’22 delivered the student invocation Bumbling Bee. Maia Ming-Xu Mascari ’22 shared a reflection Dear Friends. “We created families of friends that became our anchors and our community. These new families—whether it be in our dorms, with our friends, or with our teachers—became our support system. We took care of each other even when we were oceans apart.”

Hayden Piper Holmes ’22 performed Like Blood, Like Honey by Holly Brook, accompanied by her brother Beckett Holmes ’25. Bill Becker ’22 read an original poem entitled Katsura during the ceremony. “I’ve come to appreciate the Katsura’s tree symbolism and how it represents the best of what this place [George School] has to offer,” said Bill. “The roots and the trunk of the Katsura tree, in my mind, represent the many faculty and teachers whose work maybe goes unnoticed but is at the core of keeping this community grounded in a strong sense of trust, belonging, and Quaker values. The Katsura’s intertwining branches and leaves represent us, the students, and the many close-knit connections we were able to form simply by attending this place.”

Natalie Howlette ’22 also delivered an original narrative during the ceremony. “Wherever you may go, and whatever you may have to juggle, just know we are all still here cheering you on. The Class of 2022 has many stories to tell, but many more to make.” Leo Hu ’22 performed the song Home by Charlie Small. The Epilogue (Епілог) was delivered by Denys Sharpylo ’22. “I will miss George School,” said Denys. “And I want to thank everyone—each one of you—for making me miss George School.”

The Class of 2022 photo will be added to the meetinghouse gallery, right next to the Class of 2021 later this summer.

Watch the full Commencement Ceremony and celebrate our graduates. View the 2022 Commencement program.

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