Advanced Theater Design & Production

Students taking Advanced Theater Design & Production for the first time take at least one stagecraft mod, at least one production mod, and a design mod.

The stagecraft mods, in which sets are built and lights are hung, are common to the first-year course and the advanced one. In the production mods—which happen during the final weeks of a performance—students put the finishing touches on the build, focus the lights, and run the show. In the design mod, students learn how to create a stage concept and turn it into production designs for sets, lights, props, costumes, sound, and more, exploring how these elements work independently and in concert to tell a story.

This course may be split over multiple years and students taking the Advanced Theater Design & Production course for a second or third time may choose any combination of design, production, and stagecraft mods.

Min-Max Credit Hours: 1.0-6.0