Advanced Theater Design & Production

This course gives students practical experience in backstage, shop safety, and important production techniques employed in technical theater. The collaborative nature of production and design is learned and experienced through active participation in scenic construction and by serving on running crews for the various dance and theater performances in Walton Auditorium.

Students taking Advanced Theater Design & Production for the first time in 2024-25 must complete two mods of Stagecraft and one or more mods of Design or Production. Beginning in 2025-26, students taking Advanced Theater Design & Production for the first time must complete one mod of Design, one mod of Production, and a third mod of either Stagecraft or Production. Students may take additional mods of Stagecraft, Design, or Production for credit. This course may be repeated and/or split across multiple years.

Stagecraft (see description in Theater Arts: Design & Production)

In this course, students learn how to create a stage concept and turn it into a production design. Disciplines include set design, lighting, costumes, sound, and more, exploring how they work independently and collaboratively to tell a story.

Students complete the sets and lighting designs begun in the Stagecraft mod and see the show’s design through to completion. This mod will take students through the final weeks of performance preparation, up to and sometimes including tech week and the running of the show with a live audience.

Min-Max Credit Hours: 1.0-4.0