Becoming An Adult: Finding Your Purpose in Life

This course allows older students to examine their core values which impact all areas of their future lives. To know and understand our values is the first step in making values-based decisions, which allows us to live our lives with integrity. To apply those values to behaviors is the next crucial step in living with integrity. This is especially important as adolescents move into independence while figuring out who they are, what they want, and how their values influence their future. Key questions that inform this course include:
• Why is values-based decision making important?
• What brings me joy and satisfaction in life?
• How can I create meaning in my life?
• What makes me feel satisfied and proud of myself?
• How do I define success?
• Which values do I feel I most always honor?
• Which values might I be willing to compromise, and why?
• How do I handle conflicting values?
• How do I use my values to influence my decisions and help guide me through a meaningful life?

A core text is The Big Picture: A Guide to Finding Your Purpose in Life, by Dr. Christine B Whelan. Students engage in readings, viewings, discussions, and journaling, all of which help them develop their own systems for engaging with the driving questions of this course more constructively.

Min-Max Credit Hours: 1.0-1.0