Film Production 1

In this foundation-building course, students engage in a variety of exercises designed to develop fundamental knowledge and a basic understanding of film production. Skills covered include camera operation, story development, basic shot composition, project planning as well as scheduling, editing, and post-production work. In addition to film production skills, students acquire a basic vocabulary for film analysis, enabling them to discern greater meaning and appreciation of film as a communicative medium. This is intended to lead students from passive movie watchers to active film readers. As students acquire the fundamental knowledge and skills of filmmaking, they take on the role of a creative producer, learning to translate their ideas into successful films. Limited-scale exercises in the first term help students develop the skills necessary to complete longer, and more complex projects in the second and third terms. Students are expected to produce work that will be shown at the George School Film Festival. In addition, they are expected to attend theatrical film screenings on campus and off.

Students must progress through the mods in sequential order if they take more than one mod, though the progression may span multiple years.

Min-Max Credit Hours: 1.0-3.0