Storytelling for Social Justice (in Greece)

This course is an immersive experience in Term 2 (October), including travel to Greece.

This course explores: (1) the history of storytelling (myth, oration, theater, etc.) in Ancient Greece and its impact on human belief and relationships, with an exploration of how storytelling can forge relationships and reinforce ethical behaviors, (2) the current refugee crisis and its human impact, (3) media-making and journalism, equipping students with the tools they need to tell their own stories for social change. Students develop an academic foundation of storytelling and its history, an in-depth understanding of the political and social factors contributing to the refugee crisis, with a specific focus on the media’s impact on how we view issues in the refugee crisis, as well as the role NGOs and individuals play in humanitarian aid. Students explore photography, graphic design, podcasting, and filmmaking as powerful media for sharing stories. Students travel to Athens to reinforce and deepen this learning and volunteer with Love Without Borders for Refugees in Need, the Greek Forum for Refugees, and Shedia to learn firsthand about refugee experiences, the power of art to connect and educate people, and the role of constructive journalism.

Students earn 1 credit in history, 1 credit in art, and fulfill their service requirement.

(This course will not be offered in 2023-24.)

Min-Max Credit Hours: 2.0-2.0