Getting Curious at the Yale Daily News

Student members of the Curious George campus newspaper staff visited the hallowed halls of the Yale Daily News in New Haven for the newspaper’s annual Journalism Symposium the weekend of February 22, 2020.

The symposium consisted of seminars, presentations from prominent speakers, and a newspaper competition for high school students. Curious George came away with a well-won victory for Best Culture Feature for  “Tropicalia: The Revolution that swung its hips to the terrors of Brazil.” by Annika Crawford ’22. Other Curious George attendees included Anney Ye ’20, Trista Yao ’20, Neha Thumu ’20, Shelby Williams ’21, Celeste Huang-Menders ’22, Eliana DeHaven ’22, Ellen Zhang ’21, Forest Ho-Chen ’22, and Aniketh Phalcomepely ’21.

Looking back on her experience, Shelby reflected on her experience. “Attending the Yale Daily News High School Journalism Symposium was an incredible experience! I learned so much more about the intricacies of visual journalism and animation than I previously knew, and had the honor of speaking to the journalism icon Bob Woodward!”

“The YDN Symposium was an amazing experience because it helped us understand how journalism can be a force for discussion. I enjoyed meeting the various keynote speakers because they challenged the idea of journalism,” said Aniketh, one of the copy editors for Curious George. “For instance, there was a graphics editor for the New York Times who made graphics that helped communicate various stories without just pure writing.”

Kyle Abbott, an English teacher and the Curious George faculty advisor, came back beaming about the young journalists. “I’m incredibly proud of them, not only for their comportment and engagement during the trip, but also for their vigorous excitement for student journalism. Newspapers are not dying at George School!”

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