First Step Team on Campus

Mind Over Body (MOB) was founded at George School in 1996 when ten African-American male students approached Kassem Lucas ’90, a new faculty member, because they were interested in learning about African-American fraternities. Kassem shared that these fraternities promoted true brotherhood, achievement in every field of human endeavor, academic excellence, and service to others, particularly those less fortunate.

In addition, the students wanted to learn about “stepping” which has its roots in the African Diaspora and has been a tradition of African-American fraternities and sororities. The goal of “stepping” is to teach diligence, patience, uniformity, and dedication. With the financial support of Dean of Students Nate McKee ’79, the end product was George School’s first step team, which showed how ten parts could seem like one in harmony after hours and hours of practice.

In 1997 when Kassem was in his first year of law school, his fraternity brother and faculty member Randy Sealy was the faculty sponsor.