IB and AP Test Results Remain High

George School’s high academic excellence was once again evident on this year’s International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP) tests. The IB program completed another notable session, resulting in impressive marks despite significant curricular disruption due to remote instruction and the cancellation of exams for the past two years.

Thirty George School students were awarded IB diplomas in May 2021. One student scored a forty-one out of forty-five possible points, a particularly high score, according to IB Coordinator, Kim McGlynn. George School’s ten-year diploma pass rate remains 95 percent, which is far above the global average of 89. In individual academic subjects, George School scored above the world mean in thirteen of thirty-one subject areas. Additionally, the average subject score for IB Diploma Candidates in eighteen subjects improved. “These results depict the truly excellent work completed by our students and faculty,” said Head of School Sam Houser. “In particular, IB Coordinator, Kim McGlynn, has been remarkable with her oversight of this important academic pillar of George School.”

George School had thirty-one AP Scholars (a distinction granted to students who receive scores of three or higher on three or more AP exams), twenty-eight AP Scholars with Honors (average score of 3.25 on all AP exams taken, and scores of three or higher on four or more exams), and twenty-five AP Scholars with Distinction (3.5 average on all AP exams, and scores of three or higher on five or more exams). “The way in which George School runs its AP program, like most things at George School, is unique,” said Scott Spence, Associate Head of School. “We think it is important to let every student participate to some extent in the AP program if they choose to. We are happy to offer that, and continue to be impressed with the results each year.”

In addition to all of the accomplishments listed above, the Class of 2021, comprised of one hundred twenty-five brilliant young minds, have enrolled in eighty-two different institutions in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, studying everything from fire science and peace and conflict studies, to aerospace engineering and game design.

Congratulations to all students on this remarkable feat!

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