Ankita A. ’23

Richboro, PennsylvaniaDay Student
For Ankita, the community is the best part of George School.

What is your favorite George School event?
The Student Council’s carnation fundraiser is a popular George School tradition for Valentine’s Day, and it is my favorite GS event. As a member of Student Council, I have the unique privilege of helping distribute flowers to students and teachers. I love Valentine’s Day at George School because when I see people happy to receive flowers from their friends and teachers, I know that I had a part in making it happen.

What do you love about George School?
What I love about George School is the community. Even if teachers don’t know you personally, they will always greet you warmly while passing by. This makes each student feel valued as a member of the GS community.

What was one of your favorite classes?
One of my favorite classes was sophomore year string ensemble. Due to the pandemic, I was a distance learner, and at times I wished I could have gone in person. However, this was not the case with Dave Nolan’s string ensemble class. My favorite memory from string ensemble was from April Fool’s Day. Dave attempted to prank the class by telling us that he was quitting his job at George School and moving far away with his wife. The class recognized his tricks immediately, but that did not stop Dave from trying to make us believe that he was leaving. Dave’s April Fool’s Prank left us laughing a lot, and it was an entertaining start to the class.

More About Ankita:
Ankita believes that choosing George School was one of the best decisions she ever made. She was given the opportunity to be a part of many different things and is now a Student Council officer, international student mentor, Curious George (newspaper) editor, tour guide, IB diploma candidate, string ensemble member, and field hockey player.