Abby Byrtus ’20

For Abby, some of the biggest lessons of George School were learned half a world away.

Andrew Botchway ’22

Whether in the art studio, on a playing field, or in math class, Andrew focuses on the how of learning.

Anney Ye ’20

From derivatives to dystopian societies, Anney is soaking up her George School education.

Ashleigh Curry ’20

The support of friends you don’t even know is what turns “student body” into “community” for Ashleigh.

Ayzia Alexander ’21

Ayzia’s favorite classes span varied subjects, but they have one thing in common: inspiring teachers.

Bella Storie ’21

For Bella, every class—and every experience—teaches something different.

Christian Fusco ’20

Christian discovers that coming together as a community happens naturally, easily, and fast at George School.

Ellen Zhang ’21

Ellen’s perspective in Pennsylvania was changed by ten days spent half a world away.