Andrew Botchway ’22

Whether in the art studio, on a playing field, or in math class, Andrew focuses on the how of learning.

Ayzia Alexander ’21

Ayzia’s favorite classes span varied subjects, but they have one thing in common: inspiring teachers.

Bella Storie ’21

For Bella, every class—and every experience—teaches something different.

Ellen Zhang ’21

Ellen’s perspective in Pennsylvania was changed by ten days spent half a world away.

Emaline Brangan ’21

Whether getting her hands dirty or learning about hands themselves, Emaline enjoys the sciences at George School.

Gabriella Mogollon ’22

Gabriella has discovered that meeting “random” friendly people isn’t at all random at George School.

Gemma Hutton ’22

On campus and off, Gemma’s teachers are by her side and on her side.

Howard Chan ’21

For Howard, it’s the constant presence of dormmates that makes the heart grow fonder.

Jackson Swartz ’21

In his ensemble conductor, Jackson found more than a teacher; he found a musical mentor.

Lauren Hanna ’21

Whether in class or on the field or the court, Lauren learns much from faculty and staff members who are mentors, too.