Rhianna S. ’23

Churchville, PennsylvaniaDay Student
At George School, Rhianna discovered a whole new way to watch movies.

What is your favorite place on campus and why?
My favorite place on campus is Bancroft. English is my favorite subject, and my Collection is also in Bancroft. Through my connections to many of the English faculty and everyone involved in ARGO, I feel like I have a little community in that building. Plus, I love the chalkboards.

Share a memorable “That is so George School” moment.
My first day of New Student Orientation, I met people from Germany, Kenya, Taiwan, and Ukraine. I remember being so excited to come home and tell my family that I’d met people from around the world. It was definitely a “That is so George School moment.”

What was one of your most interesting classes?
One of the most interesting classes I’ve taken has been Film Production 1. I like watching movies, but I had never taken a class about film before. It opened my eyes to a whole new art form that I had never tried. At the beginning of the year, Scott told us to “read” films instead of passively watching films, and I now watch movies in a whole new way. We also did a unit on sound, where we got to write scripts and the acting students performed them. It was so much fun to see the acting students do what they do best, and I got to step out of my comfort zone and into the role of director.

More about Rhianna:
With a passion for writing poetry, Rhianna is an editor of ARGO, George School’s literary magazine. She is also a Lead Tour Ambassador, an IB diploma candidate, and a member of the Climate Action Club.