Ben Berman ’21

Turnersville, New JerseyUniversity of Miami

Is there a class that made a big impact on you?

I took Intensive Biology last year. While it was one of my harder classes, I found it very interesting. Karla, my teacher, challenged me to try my hardest in the rigorous class. I finished strongly with an A after a hard year’s work.

What lessons have you learned on a team?

I played JV lacrosse last year, and it made lacrosse my favorite sport. With Tom’s amazing coaching and my great teammates, I was able to have a great season. I learned a lot about the game and even more about how to be a good role model and teammate.

What is it like to live in a dorm?

Living in a dorm is a great part of high school. I don’t have to worry about the lengthy driving time between home and school, and I am surrounded by my friends, so there’s always people to talk to. The dorm parents make dorm life feel like home by having a personal relationship with every dorm member.

More about Ben:

After taking a few AP courses, Ben is focusing on the IB Diploma. He finds ceramics a great way to decompress and refocus during the day and enjoys playing on basketball, lacrosse, and soccer teams after school. A peer group leader, he is on Salted Tree (podcast club), Student Council, and the newspaper.