Brooke Angle ’18

Newtown, PennsylvaniaTemple University
Brooke learned that Essentials of a Friends Community is anything but boring and serious.

Talk about an interesting class and what you liked about it.

In my freshman year at George School, my most interesting class was the first-term course Essentials of a Friends Community. The class is designed as an introduction to a Quaker community, which I expected to be somewhat serious and a little bit boring, since I’d already been at a Quaker school for nine years. It was anything but. First of all, my teacher was one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. He doesn’t hesitate to say what’s on his mind, but he is still very efficient and made sure we left his class knowing everything he wanted us to. By the end of the term, I didn’t want to leave it and will never forget it.

Describe a challenging class.

Chemistry did not come easily to me, but my science teacher, Becky Hutchins, let me know that it was normal to be confused. She believed in me and made me reassess how I went about learning science.

More about Brooke:

In her freshman year, Brooke was on the field hockey team, where she appreciated coach Nancy Bernardini’s focus on improved skills and teamwork even above wins and losses. In her second year, Brooke co-founded a video journalism club, combining her interests in photography and writing.