Elenore Wang ’18

New York University
A self-proclaimed film fanatic, Elenore delved deep into her love of film at George School.

Describe a favorite course you took.

My most interesting class junior year was IB Film. I am a film fanatic, and this class provided me a great platform to learn as well as practice with my peers. My films won some awards at regional film festivals, too. People in my class shared fun memories and became friends outside of class.

What was your favorite extracurricular activity?

My most interesting activity was Goldfish ’n Java, a music club formed by students. Together we organized an annual school-wide music festival called Live Music Weekend, with student performers and an outside band.

More about Elenore:

In addition to tour guiding and participating in Goldfish ’n Java, Elenore was a peer group leader and captain of the JV volleyball squad. She also worked toward her IB diploma.