Gemma H. ’22

Hamilton New JerseyDay Student
On campus and off, Gemma’s teachers are by her side and on her side.  

Describe a quintessential George School moment.

Towards the end of my freshman year, Shantel, my English teacher, brought my English class into Newtown. During our walk into town, Shantel took the time to talk to each and every one of us and ask us how we were, how sports were going, about our classes, and other questions that showed just how much she cared about all of us. It made me very grateful that I go to a school where the teachers have such a close relationship with students.

One of the best qualities about George School is the relationships between everyone in the community. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. Even if you have never had a class with a teacher, they still smile at you in the halls, say hello when you are walking by, and ask how your day went. The close bonds between teachers and students enhance the learning experience, and I believe it helps students achieve even more.

Is there a class that made a big impact on you?

Last year, my math class was one of my most challenging classes. I started off shakily, but as the year went on, I became more accustomed to my teacher’s teaching methods and my grade rose significantly. Consultations and one-on-one time with my teacher played a big factor in my success in the class.

Describe something exciting you did while at George School.

When I attended the climate strike in Philadelphia with almost 100 of my peers and community members, I got the chance to stand up for something that I feel very strongly about in a public way. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of George School, and even better, I had all my friends by my side.

More about Gemma:

The arts were a big reason Gemma chose George School. She is doubling up on them by taking painting and drawing as well as photography. She plays varsity soccer and enjoys stopping by the FAC for a quick workout.