Jules Caplin ’18

University of Lynchburg
For Jules, the support, admiration, and friendships of sports extended beyond teammates and after graduation.

What did you enjoy about being on a team?

On girls’ soccer, I learned a lot about myself and others. Not only was every year different, but every team was different and special. Junior year I admired a lot of the girls on the team, and when they were gone, I missed them a lot. Senior year at our last away game, we FaceTimed one of the girls who graduated. We talked and sang a song we always sang with her.

My freshman year we had an away game against our rivals, Westtown. The boys’ team was away as well, and when we got into overtime, the boys came over and cheered for us and went crazy. We won.

More about Jules:

Senior year, as captain, Jules as one of the soccer players the younger students could look up to. She was also a prefect and peer group leader, and she took part in All for Africa and Art for Relief.