Maya Thompson ’21

Kingston, JamaicaBoarding Student
For Maya, living in a diverse community means more than meeting different people; it means seeing from different points of view.

What has made a big impact on you?

The openness of the community really helped in my transition to George School. Being able to talk to students of different grades, cultures, and religions was an eye-opener and has allowed me to see the perspectives of different people.

Has anything surprised you about George School?

I was very surprised the first time I heard students calling teachers by their first names. I was not used to this, but I have learned that we students interact with teachers more easily when we are on a first-name basis. We see them more as friends who are helping us to grow.

Describe an exciting moment at George School.

It is very exciting when we are in the Dining Room and students begin singing happy birthday to one person and then the entire George School community sings along.

It is also exciting when you go on stage or to the microphone at assembly and your friends start shouting your name.

More about Maya:

In addition to tour guiding, Maya is on the yearbook staff, the Step Team, and UMOJA, which discusses the culture, heritage, and present-day ethnicity of descendants of Africa. Being on the JV volleyball, basketball, and softball teams marked the first time Maya played each of these sports.