Michelle Tyson ’18

Oberlin College of Arts and Sciences
For Michelle, art and technology, curricular and extracurricular all worked together to make beautiful music.

What was your most interesting activity outside of class?

Having learned how to make music on my laptop, I performed my songs at both Live Music Weekend and Georgestock, standing behind an array of my laptop, my viola, and a MIDI keyboard. I love music and apply the music theory I learn in IB music class to my own music.

Senior year I collaborated with the dance teacher to compose five pieces of synthesized music to be choreographed for dance. It was an exciting project and a new endeavor for both me and the teacher.

What was memorable about your service trip experience?

Living and working within a community of the Navajo Reservation on the Arizona service trip was the most profoundly challenging, eye-opening, and fun experience I have had at George School.

More about Michelle:

Enjoying acoustic as well as electronic music, Michelle was the first violist in the school orchestra. Her roles included JV field hockey captain, lead tour guide, Writing Center tutor, and Body Project leader. She took part in the Open Doors, Argo (literary magazine), chess, and Chinese culture clubs.