Naomi Namboodiripad ’20

Yardley, PennsylvaniaColumbia University
Naomi finds satisfaction in applying what she learns at George School to the real world.

Is there a class or classes that made a big impact on you?

The most interesting class I have taken was IB SL Economics. As a part of the IB curriculum, we had to find an article on a current issue related to economics. We then had to apply a theory that we had studied in class to the real-world situation and evaluate the pros and cons. The practice allowed me to apply my knowledge in a practical manner that would greatly benefit me in the future.

This year I am taking IB SL Biology, which lets me actively test the ideas I am learning in class. I was able to go to the beach and the bay to do water testing in the field. The hands-on aspect of this class makes me truly enjoy the subject and sparks my curiosity.

Describe a quintessential George School moment.

Live Music Weekend is one of the most entertaining activities I have participated in. The community comes together and shares music and creativity with one another.

More about Naomi:

Naomi is delighted to work with others who appreciate theater as they put on campus productions. She went on the school’s Vietnam service learning trip, where she learned about the country’s culture and history and enjoyed meeting local residents.