Robin Bouchet ’20

Skillman, New JerseyEcole d'ingenieurs Paris-LA Defense (ESILV)

Is there a class that made a big impact on you?

Robotics was my most interesting class last year. I found a new passion thanks to the teachers and the friends in it, and I learned a lot of life lessons through the process of building my project. You learn that nothing is perfect at first, so you keep revising your project to make it better every time. When you are struggling on a piece of code, it can become frustrating, but you learn to persevere and come back stronger. I was the first one to use a piece of hardware, and I had to be independent and find out about it on my own.

I will continue with robotics independently and make a robot to fight at the Trinity College International Fire Fighting Robot Contest.

What lessons have you learned on a team?

I love cross country because it is a truly mentally and physically challenging sport. I learned that you have to push yourself every mile to try to finish, but also that the journey is worth as much as the finish line.

Having a great team can make the difference between a good race and an extraordinarily fast race. The team is very supportive. When you are running, it’s always great to see your teammates cheering for you. This year the team is stronger and closer than ever, so it is a pleasure to run cross country with my friends.

More about Robin:

An IB Diploma candidate, Robin is a swimmer as well as a runner. In his free time, he is often in the robotics lab working on a project, studying in the library, or hanging out with friends. He was the leader of French Club freshman year.