Sam King ’19

New York University Shanghai
Sam got a gift from a role model and friend...and paid it forward.

What is something you learned from a fellow student during your time at George School?

There are two things I am certain about—I am a good friend and I am shy. That can make a new environment like high school intimidating. Colin McKay ’16 was a senior prefect when I was a freshman. He befriended me very early on (his friends spanned different grades), and he encouraged me to join Tabletop Club. It made me realize the impact that older students can have on younger students and what all these GS leadership roles are for. It made me want to become more outgoing and be a supportive mentor to younger students during my time at George School.

What was your favorite subject?

Learning Chinese fascinated me. I took it all four years for a language at GS, went on the Chinese service trip one summer, and hosted a student from China over Thanksgiving break. A boarding school like George School provides these kinds of opportunities.

More about Sam:

Sam was an IB Diploma candidate who was involved in the Computer and Anime clubs as well as Tabletop Club. He also served on the Student Activities Board.