Sartaj Gill ’18

SAS Nagar, IndiaDrexel University
Sartaj found pride in winning and in teamwork.

Describe an experience that changed your perspective.

I played JV tennis sophomore year, and we went to the Friends School League tournament. Our team was doing substantially well. I won second singles and was the first to finish. As everything was winding up, I realized that we were going to finish second, and I was demoralized. But then our coach gave a very uplifting speech, and I realized that it’s all about teamwork. In the end, every one of us was ecstatic about our efforts.

What were some of the benefits from living on campus?

Kevin Davis, my dorm head freshman year, made a real impact. He is one of the most cheerful people I have ever met. I talked to him about everything—homesickness, academics, sports—and I always felt amazing afterwards.

More about Sartaj:

Active in SAMOSA, which promotes an understanding of South Asian culture, as well as the Improv and Film clubs, Sartaj was also an international student mentor and tour guide. He performed community service for an NGO in India.