Tomáš Zeman ’99

Product Designer
Tomáš repurposes his multicultural experiences for his interpersonal work as a graphic, industrial, and interaction designer.

What lessons from George School have you carried with you into your professional life?

Studying woodworking, I was learning a lot not just from Carter Sio ’76, but from the other students. Living with students from around the globe made us ask questions about our own culture and think deeply about the choices that we make in our lives. That’s a lot of what I do now in my work as a designer. Understanding what can be learned from other people is key to innovation—having all of that information, being inspired by it, and acting on it.

More about Tomáš:

Tomáš received a BS in film from Boston University, going on to work in film and set design in New York before earning an MFA from California College of the Arts in an interdisciplinary study of graphic design, industrial design, and interaction design. He currently works as a product/UX (user experience) designer, researching “how people interact, work, and live” before shaping products and services. Some of Tomáš’s previous clients include Google Brand Studio, Eventbrite, Autodesk, change.org, and Kabron.