Valerie Greaud

Math and Religions DepartmentsFaculty
Valerie strives to be an aide to discovery rather than a simple dispenser of knowledge.

Why did you choose to teach at George School?

For the well-rounded nature of the program. I appreciated that we were not a traditional college-prep school and that we helped students discover and pursue their unique passions. These are the same reasons I wanted my own children to come to George School.

Describe your teaching style.

I try to be supportive, positive, caring, and clear in my expectations. I have been working on ways to help students do more discovery, while I do less traditional teaching.

What would you tell prospective families about George School?

I would let them know how much the faculty cares about students and supports them in their growth.

More about Valerie:

With a BA, MA, and PhD from Johns Hopkins University, Valerie enjoys gardening, reading, hiking, kayaking, service work, and time with family.