Rachel Carey-Harper ’69 Adds to Discussion on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Photo courtesy of Binghamton University State University of New York where Rachel Carey-Harper spoke about raising awareness about violence against women and people of color in April 2019.

Rachel Carey-Harper ’69 is working towards ending racial injustice and credits, in part, George School for helping form the values that led her to work in social justice. “My first major focus was on violence against women, founding the Clothesline Project in 1990,” she wrote. “About eight years later I switched to working on racial justice.”

She continued, “This work first led me to realize I had a huge amount to learn and also led to many challenging experiences including being read out and disowned by the Friends Meeting in which I had previously been in leadership but it also led to the development of spiritual strength and skills I would not have known I possessed otherwise.”

Rachel is building a website called The Healing Racism Toolkit Project. She says that the website’s purpose is: “primarily for white people in North America to understand and begin to heal the racism they carry.”

Read more about George School’s plan toward justice, equity, and inclusion here.

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