Red Square shrubbery gets a “haircut”

Don’t be alarmed! The much-beloved shrubbery that lines a portion of Red Square might look like it’s been chopped away, but it’s actually received a much-needed “haircut.” 

This shrubbery, from the plant genus Euonymus, is a hearty winter plant that has long been an iconic element of Red Square’s landscape, providing cozy nooks for benches and seating. Groundskeepers Lino Acosta and Laura Satterthwaite recently gave this shrubbery some long overdue rejuvenation pruning. Rejuvenation pruning is the removal of old, overgrown limbs so that the plant can grow new, vigorous branches in their place. 

“These bushes haven’t had this kind of pruning in quite some time,” explained Laura. “As a result, a lack of air flow has left many of the branches mildewed, decaying and diseased.”

With a hard pruning now while the shrubs are dormant, the Euonymus will grow back quickly and should be leafing out “like crazy” this spring, said Laura – just in time for Alumni Weekend and Commencement.


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