Two New Distinguished Faculty Chairs Created at George School

Daniel Peter Loucks ’50

Through the generosity of two donors, George School has created two new Distinguished Faculty Chairs. These gifts recognize the vital importance of teaching to the mission and the history of pedagogical innovation and achievement at George School.

“Of the many areas of giving available to them, the donors chose the George School classroom as an area worthy of their confidence and support,” said Head of School Sam Houser. “I am grateful to them for their generosity, and proud of our school for demonstrating day in and out that world-class academic inquiry and George School are synonymous.”

The George School Distinguished Chair for Innovation was funded anonymously. It will be awarded every three years to support faculty who have demonstrated pedagogical innovation, with attention paid to innovation and excellence in teaching robotics—one of the signature programs at George School. The first recipient of this new chair is Brian Patton, who joined the faculty in 2015.

The Loucks Faculty Initiative is a result of a gift from Daniel Peter Loucks ’50. Pete began teaching at Cornell University in 1965 and is now an emeritus professor in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Cornell Institute of Public Affairs. His teaching and research have focused on the development and application of economics, ecology, environmental engineering, and systems analysis methods to the management of our environment and water resources.

The Loucks Faculty Initiative will initially support a Distinguished Chair for a George School faculty member for a term of three years. Over time, it will grow to support four separate Chairs. As envisioned, these additional Chairs will include one three-year term for a young George School faculty member one three-year term for an experienced George School faculty member, and one two-year term for the external recruitment of an innovator in education for a period of residence.

Recognizing the importance of supporting faculty, the Loucks Faculty Initiative will initially support a Distinguished Chair for a George School faculty member for a term of three years. The first recipient is Alyssa McGarvey, who joined the faculty in 2007.

“With these two new Distinguished Faculty Chairs, George School currently has seven Chairs to support our faculty. In addition to recognizing individual talent, they help promote the school’s presence and expertise in areas of that underscore our strengths,” said Sam. “Moreover, the existence of these Chairs will strengthen our ability to attract and retain talented faculty now and in years to come.”

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