An Update on George School’s Football Program

At the heart of George School’s Quaker tradition lies a responsibility to be good stewards of our community. It is our duty to ensure that our athletic programs, like all of our programs, are sustainable and provide our diverse community of students opportunities to “let their lives speak” in meaningful ways. This requires the continuous balancing of competing priorities.

As participation in high school sports in general, and football in particular, declines nationwide, George School faces a time-sensitive challenge regarding its football program.

Out of concern for the safety of our student-athletes, Athletic Director Kurt Ruch and Head of School Sam Houser have asked a team of school administrators and the Board of Trustees to evaluate the program and form a plan for its future.

While the program has had difficulties filling its roster in the past, injuries resulting from a lack of roster depth caused significant challenges this season, including two forfeited games. A decision about how to move forward must be made with the best interests of our current players, families, and coaches at the forefront, while also recognizing George School football’s rich history and impact on school culture.

Investing in an eleven-man football program that meets health and safety standards and can provide a meaningful experience for our student-athletes requires a significant roster increase. This would require an allocation of resources that would alter the balance of support for all of our programs.

Two options are being considered: transitioning to eight-man football and joining a new league that would foster competitive football among a growing number of schools, or not having a program next year. A decision will be finalized and shared with the community in January.

Please note that this discussion is taking place exclusively about the football program and for the specific reasons stated above; no other school programs are being reviewed or discussed in this way.

Regardless of the decision, George School remains committed to athletics, and we will continue our work in strengthening the department and striving to provide offerings at competitive and developmental levels.

For more information about the George School football program, and for details about eight-man football, click here.