A Perfect Place

Being a senior is one of the best experiences I’ve had at George School thus far. I get up every morning to wash my face and brush my teeth. When I walk into the rest room I see all of my friends, those who are morning birds and those who are groggy, blasting music to prepare for a day of classes. After preparing my bags for school I walk down to breakfast where I see all of my teachers and dorm parents eating with their families.

Heading off to my Psychology class I run into my teacher and we walk together. Psychology is one of my hardest classes and I’m grateful that George School teachers are always open to helping their students. Scheduling consults for difficult classes or just to talk can make you realize that George School is more than just a school, it is a home. After all of my morning classes comes lunch. We have an abundance of options: from a salad bar, a sandwich bar, cereal, hot bar choices, tea, or coffee. During lunch, my friends and I typically study the material for our next class or talk about our weekend and what the Student Activities Board has scheduled. The Student Activities Board tries to bond students from all grades, backgrounds, and day students/boarding students to make us one community.

After my classes in the afternoon, I prepare for sports (I manage the varsity football team) like most students. George School’s range of sports options to meet everyone’s interests. Some sports have three levels so if you don’t make the varsity team you have every chance to understand the sport with other options like junior varsity and developmental (which is where you learn the basics of the sport). My favorite part of athletics at George School is the support from students, faculty, and parents when it’s time to cheer on our teams. Basketball season bonds all of the students and introduces students from George School to other students at other schools.

After games during a school night, it’s typically time to head to study hall. I go grab dinner from the dining room then walk with all of my friends to study hall. Study hall is from 7:30-9:30 p.m. and this is a time to focus solely on completing homework. Study hall can take place in the library or dorm rooms.

Now that we are approaching the end of the day it’s time to check into my dorm. Tonight we have a hall meeting, a time when all of the students and the teacher in that hall come together and do bonding activities or just talk about our nights. Going to sleep I make sure I grab some water and hang out with my friends.

George School is the perfect place to build bonds and to also gain an amazing education. With a beautiful campus filled with caring individuals am proud to say that George school gave me one of the best high school experiences I could have asked for.

Gabby Whitaker ’21 is a boarding student from Georgia and serves on the Student Activities Board.

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