Fun Activities for Day and Boarding Students

At George School, there are many activities that students can partake in. They are offered as weekend activities or as clubs that meet during the week. The activities are designed for both day and boarding students to enjoy and I encourage everyone to join us.

Clubs are created by students who have various interests that they would like to share with others. They are usually held throughout the week at whatever time works best for the group, though some clubs do hold weekend activities for the whole school. Some of the clubs that are offered are the social justice club, photography, biochemistry, plus many others.

Each weekend at GS there are always many activities students can do. In fact, the Student Activities Board sends out a whole schedule of a weekend filled with events every weekend. An example of some of my activities are Fright Fest at Six Flags, Friday Night at the Movies, shopping at the local malls, trips to local historic and art museums, and there is almost always a Geroge School Athletics home game you can watch. Learn more here.

Sarah is a day student prefect, and a lead tour guide from Furlong, Pennsylvania.

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