The IB Program Challenges Dancers

When I came to George School, I chose to do dance as my art and I am certain I made the right decision. The dance program is unique because of the ability for students to be IB dancers with prior dance experience, and at least one year of dance at Geroge School. As an IB dancer myself, I have found the program to be the perfect balance between challenging and enjoyable. IB dance students are asked to do a variety of activities to better understand the nature of dance, such as writing essays, as well as choreographing and performing their own pieces. This combined with frequent classes and meetings really allows for bonding and mutual improvement between classmates.

I have learned a lot from my teachers and my experiences have been amazing. My teachers have done a fantastic job of bringing me out of my comfort zone. As someone who grew up dancing in a predominantly ballet format, learning different styles of choreography and techniques has helped me grow as a dancer. My teacher has made it a priority to be a complex dancer. Throughout my time in the program, we have done various projects outside of the studio, to learn about different dance cultures and notable choreographers and dancers. This has allowed me to appreciate dance as a whole, not just the physical aspects, and see the beauty of the art.

Keira is a day student from Yardley, Pennsylvania.

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