Theater at George School

One aspect of George School I love is the student theater performances that occur three times a year. Typically, the theater department puts on a play in the fall, a musical in the winter, and another play in the spring. One of our recent seasons focused on the theme of empowering women.

The fall performance was A Midsummers Night Dream, by William Shakspeare which was absolutely amazing. In the winter the musical performance was Side Show, a portrait of conjoined twins whose extraordinary journey through life brought them fame but denied them love. The musical was by Henry Krieger and Bill Russell. In the spring, the performance was Miracle Worker, a play by William Gibson based on Helen Keller’s autobiography The Story of My Life.

Each of these productions showcases the skills the students have learned from their theater classes which include Acting, Directing, Performance, Musical Theater, and Design & Production. When I performed in the Laramie Project in 2018, I made friendships with students I normally would not have. Something else that is really nice about the school’s shows is that anyone can audition, it is not limited to students taking a theater class. I would really recommend coming to see our shows as it is a wonderful way to see what George School’s theater program is like, plus the admission is free!

Sarah is a day student prefect, and a lead tour guide from Furlong, Pennsylvania.

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