Warm Wishes from George School

Head of School Sam Houser shared this email with the George School community:

As Friends School, we are innately optimistic, and we look with hope to the future. We are so deeply fortunate to be educating students who will make the world a better place through the gifts they are taking into the world.

I am thankful for the broader George School community as well, which extends back to 1893, and the gift of this school from our founders to past and future generations. Our community extends across six continents, with our mission uniting people from many cultures and backgrounds. Few people have the privilege to be part of a place with such history and promise.

In this spirit, I hope you enjoy this video, which celebrates us being together with images from the first semester of this academic year.

On behalf of this remarkable school, you have my sincere wishes for peace and health in this season and beyond.


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