Crossword Puzzles by Laura Kinnel Published in New York Times

Math teacher and Director of Studies Laura Kinnel has had several crossword puzzles published in the New York Times.

Did you know that math teacher and Director of Studies Laura Kinnel has written several crossword puzzles for the New York Times? She was recently featured on 6 ABC News about this exciting accomplishment.

Laura was first published in the New York Times last December. She has since been published twice more, with a fourth puzzle coming soon.

She has always had a fascination with crossword puzzles and puzzles of all kinds. “Things are hard at the beginning. You’re going to make all kinds of mistakes,” said Laura. “You do it in pencil like you do math in pencil…you’re going to need to erase stuff, and it’s okay.”

Head of School Sam Houser noted how remarkable Laura’s achievement is during the interview. “I think it’s inspiring for all of us—it’s not easy to have anything we do or say put in the New York Times,” said Sam. “Hopefully your education lets you do what you love better, and I think this is a case in point with Laura.”

Laura’s talent for navigating problem solving is the foundation of her teaching. “Things that are hard–if you’re interested in them and work at them—you can get really good at them,” said Laura. “Don’t think that you can’t do something.”

Read more about Laura’s crosswords, and watch the full 6 ABC News interview here.

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