Stephanie Bariahtaris P ’15, ’17, ’23

Stephanie is very familiar with George School. Two of her children are graduates, one is a current student and she has been an active member of the Parents Association. Stephanie made a gift to the George School Fund because she understands the impact George School has on students and because the school’s values mirror her own.

When asked what prompted her gift, Stephanie replied, “At college I was the recipient of financial aid and it is a delight for me to be able to do the same for students at George School. The George School education is a gift to its students. I appreciate the diverse student population and I want to participate in gifting that supports the GS community.” She went on to say, “my older children are very different, and George School was the right place for both of them. I love that they learned the values of being part of a Friends community and I was thrilled when they would come home excited and enthusiastic about some discussion they had at school. They both made life-long friends at George School, not just amongst their peers but also with faculty. The faculty are amazing, and I am grateful they have the freedom to be creative and teach in an engaging way.”