Aaron Zhao ’19

Whether in the swimming pool or at Model United Nations, Aaron improved his own skills by collaborating with others.

Abby Byrtus ’20

For Abby, some of the biggest lessons of George School were learned half a world away.

Akobuije Chijioke ’92

Akobuije still ponders a question asked by his IB Theory of Knowledge teacher at George School.

Alice Ke ’19

Of all the special weekends at George School each year, one was a particular favorite for Alice.

Amedeo Salamoni

For Amedeo, his students' most important creations go beyond ceramics to the big picture.

Andreas Makris ’18

Andreas became enraptured by Computer Programming and Robotics, thanks to a passionate teacher.

Andrew B. ’22

Whether in the art studio, on a playing field, or in math class, Andrew focuses on the how of learning.