The Virtual Classroom: AP Human Geography

For AP Human Geography classes with teacher Kevin Fox, this term is all about deepening student understanding of key terms and concepts and applying newly acquired student knowledge. The end goal is a more nuanced perspective on the world’s economic, social, political and environmental patterns and processes.

Alberto Gutierrez ’75 on Coronavirus Testing

With a doctorate in chemistry from Princeton, Alberto Gutierrez was formerly with the FDA and is currently a partner with NDA Partners in the Washington, DC area. He was recently quoted in The New Yorker…

The Virtual Classroom: Media Literacy

Accepted students were invited to attend a virtual class on Media Literacy taught by Meredith Alford ’01, History and IB Global Politics teacher, and Scott Seraydarian ’90, Film teacher.  Media Literacy and Production, a new cross-discipline course at George School, is framed around the query: How can I use media to improve the world in which I live?

The Virtual Classroom: Orton Dorm

Orton is committed to supporting its distinctive community while so many of its residents are off campus. “It feels incredibly important to preserve that sense of home by creating opportunities to see each other, connect with each other, laugh together, and just soak up the vibe,” said Dorm Head Tom Hoopes ’83.

The Virtual Classroom: Under Pressure

Science teacher Becky Hutchins used everyday objects from her kitchen to teach her students all about air pressure. in an online demo. In one demo she attempted to blow up a balloon inside of a bottle.

The Virtual Classroom: The Science of COVID and More

Bob Fest is using his virtual science classroom to take on COVID-19 questions from a scientific perspective. In a world where fake news is touted and scientific data is scoffed at, Bob is taking on the responsibility to guide students toward reliable resources.

Virtual Meeting for Worship

Meeting for worship has always been a practice where our George School community members are not only encouraged to look inward but also to deeply listen to others and to respond if they are moved to do so.

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